Julie Schnitzer

Certified Personal Trainer
(+ mom / coach / community-builder / business owner / work-in-progress)

At - a - what? 

Atagol, the name, was borne from a profound and ancient notion related to transcending our limitations…

BAH! Who am I kidding? I was 3 days deep in GoDaddy domain availability searches and this is what I came up with. You’ve seen the acronym: 

A Team Achieving Goals to Optimize Life

It’s imperfect and it’s beautiful. It’s messy to say and even clumsier to explain. But the sound has this whimsical, complicated, mysterious hidden potential which is waiting to be discovered. Come with me here. It’s like every woman you’ve ever met. You see what I mean? Attagirl!...

Quick rewind.

The events leading up to the 3-day website domain search are my business owner story:

- I became a mother in the spring of 2010; quickly thereafter I found my tribe of mamas in an outdoor stroller-based workout group.
- I became a trainer in the summer of that year giving me a formalized title under which I could collect all the skills and experiences previously gathered as a teacher, athlete and passionate lifelong student of fitness.
- I became an evangelist for community when in 2012 I committed to bringing together an energetic group of health-conscious, like-minded, supportive and kickass moms who exercised outside while their children came along in strollers and/or went to preschool. 
- I became a business owner when, in 2014, I filed the papers and started recognizing the value I was providing! 
- I became an expert when I never stopped immersing myself daily in the exercise and nutrition science. 
- I became a success when I decided I was (and that, by the way, all the above occurred not by accident).
- I became a work in progress the day I was born, but continue to actively and consciously surround myself with mentors who challenge me to transcend my limitations...