Accountability, programming and motivation - your way

Are you:

  • a woman who remembers having strength and vitality but is in the midst of a fitness “hiatus” due to interruptions such as pregnancy, child-rearing, career, family and/or social demands?

  • rumbling with a strong desire to upgrade your health and return to your previous size/fitness level?

  • someone who owns the responsibility for achieving success, but you need systems, guidance and support along the way?

If so, I would be honored to give you my time, energy, ideas and support. 


Julie's Specialties

Postpartum fitness
Core stability & balance
Postural alignment
Pelvic floor reconditioning
Weight loss
Strength training
Flexibility & mobility

Getting Started

We begin with a fitness consultation where we take a deep-dive into learning about where you are currently, where you want to be and what it might take to close the gap between the two. Once we determine a plan, ongoing sessions can be set up based on your schedule and mine.